Are you looking to join the Klimafaelden team?

Do you want to be part of organizing Denmarks biggest action- and climate camp after the summer? Things at Klimafaelden are starting to bloom, and more hearted hands are wanted. Our camp group are looking for more activists. Everyone is welcome, and skills of particular need include:

– camp building and general logistic planning
– driving and transportation -sanitary and toilets
– 1st aid
– legal advice

If you have other skills to bring to the table, they are always welcomed and valued!

For contact and more informations regarding action- and climate camp:

Follow us on our Facebook page or here on our website and mark our summer camp in your calendar.

You can also join ourĀ  campaign meetings and be part of public events and mobilization – write us on

Insist and remember that it is civil society, democratic institutions, and locally rooted businesses and organizations that should be leading, not big multi-national corporations and investment firms with profit maximization as their goal. Continue the important work that is already being done in the movement for climate justice!