Join us from the 22nd-29th!

Join us as we return to Århus for a week of workshops, discussions, community building and reclaiming the change that we want to see in the world! Last year our focus was on false green solutions in protest of the Århus harbour expansion, this year we want to talk about wealth inequality, class, green colonialism, and who is profiteering from the crises of these times. We imagine the camp to be a space of care and co-creation where we sleep in tents, cook food together, share visions of a just future over bonfires and enable affinity group actions.

Why are we doing this?

Capitalism is booming, which means that things are only getting worse for most of us. War, climate crises, borders shutting, deepening economic inequality everywhere. As more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, Danish corporate giants like Maersk, Novo Nordisk or Arla are raking in record profits.

The Danish government’s current green transition is by design based on continued growth and increased extraction of rare resources under exploitative conditions. Examples are not hard to find; in the name of the “green” transition and making way for their wind farms, Danish companies like Vestas are complicit in taking land from Sami peoples. Meanwhile, the Danish government and companies are looking to extract Greenland’s resources. This system of exploitation encourages us to ignore the fact that it is built on colonialism, extractivism, white supremacy, class division, and inequality. It encourages us to ignore all the ways people are being oppressed.

This is not the change we believe in or will lend our support to. It's time to reclaim it.

​​​​​There are alternatives. Instead of pointing fingers at each other for private consumption and lifestyle changes, let’s direct our anger at the ones profiting and capitalizing from the crises we face. Instead of blaming consumers, let’s blame the ones that have made us consumers and locked us in a capitalist and planet-destroying society!

Let’s create new narratives and strategies in the social justice, climate justice, and anti-capitalist movements. Strategies that make the enemy clear and the radical changes apparent. Let’s set our imaginations free of capital and imagine societies of care, collectivity, and justice.

How to join:

There will be a free bus going to the camp from Copenhagen and back again. ‘GREAT’ you say, ‘but how do I join this magical free bus?’ Sign up right here: The bus leaves from Forum st. in Copenhagen on Thursday. June 23rd, 14:00, and it returns to Copenhagen from the camp on the 29th 12:00.  

For updates – sign up for our email list by writing  to

Together we are stronger – so mark your calendar and invite your friends!

We are unstoppable – another world is possible.


Practical Info

The camp will take place at Grimhøjvej 20, 8220 Brabrand
Bring your tent – it is camping.
Bring your bike! Bring your bike to the camp if you live close by or if you don’t mind transporting it. We will need some bikes to get around the city during the camp days .
Phone-free zones. Most parts of the camp will be phone-free zones. This might sound a bit weird to some of you, but we tried it already last year and the feedback was very positive! This means, that you will be expected to only use your phone in the private tent area and in a dedicated phone area where you can also charge it. You will find more info about the phone / no phone-zones at the camp, but remember to bring a watch if you want to keep track of the time so you dont miss your favourite programme point.
Food. We have an awsome kitchen team that will cook three delicious vegan meals  a day for us. Remember to appreciate them! With that said, the camp is not strictily vegn, as we will not police what food and snacks people choose to bring and share. We do ask for all non-vegan shared food to be clearly marked.

Accessibility. We would like to make the camp as accessible as possible to different needs, but we also recognize that this is difficult. If you have any specific needs or questions regarding the accessibility of the camp, please write to and we will get back to you.

Packing List

For common use:

hammock (if you have)

Bike (if you can)

books for library

Private use:

hot water bottle (for extra cold nights)

notebook and pens



wrist watch (without internet to be used in phone free zones)

rain gear


Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Warm clothes for the night

Personal items (eg. toiletries, towel, organic soap if you wish to wash yourself).

Lamps, headlamps and/or flashlight

drinking bottle


Cash for camp, food and bar

clothes for sunny warm weather / remember sun hats & sun screen. Maybe one set of black/dark clothes

Climbing equipment perhaps