Our first camp was held in Aarhus from the 2 – 6 September 2022 under the title:

Stop false “green” solutions!  

150 of you joined us in saying NO to false climate solutions at our climate camp. Together we learned how social and international solidarity can create real solutions to the ecological crisis.



We are in the middle of a climate crisis, but decision-makers continue with business-as-usual. The forest fires, floods and storms that ravage the world these years are not normal. Climate science says bluntly that it has never been more critical. Even the existing fossil infrastructure must be stopped before time – but we keep planning and building more fossil infrastructure! We do this with two excuses: an infrastructure need due to eternal growth, and climate neutrality due to climate fixes.


Because the city is planning one of DENMARK’S BIGGEST fossil infrastructure projects: the expansion of Aarhus Harbour. The industrial and shipping port is to be expanded by 105 ha, an area that is five times as large as the entire Aarhus Ø. Local groups in Aarhus are organizing against the port expansion – more than 1,500 consultation responses have been submitted and 90% of these were a no to the expansion of the port.

But will the expansion continue anyway? YES!

The climate campaign against False Green Solutions is in solidarity with them, and in direct opposition to the port development. It will outshoot Aarhus’ climate goals and cement our future in increased growth – with all the pollution and exploitation that comes with it.

  1. The harbour expansion is based on an argument about eternal economic growth – but on the contrary, we must put the planet’s limits first
  2. The port expansion is based on an idea of ​​green and CO2 neutral fuel – but it is a mirage that does not exist
  3. The port expansion shows how utterly pointless Aarhus municipality’s climate goals are, and our failure to take responsibility in the global crisis.

There must be a showdown now with projects such as the port of Aarhus, which are not part of the future. We want a genuine green transition that is not based on false tech-fixes and over-exploitation, but that actually creates better lives, a healthier nature and a climate-proof future for the next generation.

We neither want the fossil past nor the false green future – we must have structural change


Last year our camp made the news, you can check it out here: