Fæld Klimafælden is a campaign that wants to support all the work that is already being done by the climate movement to ‘debunk’ greenwashing and articulate real solutions. We want  to create a platform for conversation, inspiration and sharing knowledge.

We are hosting a climate camp in late summer where we hope as many of you as possible will join. We would love inputs for the program, so please get in contact with us to share your ideas, questions, and suggestions. The more the merrier.


We want to avoid that all the victories and successes of the climate movement are taken over and derailed by companies and others, who prioritize profit for shareholders over care for people and our society.

We are persistent in our fight, and we insist that all the work of the climate movement has to lead to real change and climate justice. We will stand in the way of the continued destruction, and we will try to voice and support the many opportunities we have today for creating a sustainable society for people and the planet. 


1. We believe capitalism has no role in fixing the social and ecological crisis,

2. We believe that action for a just and sustainable society is based on structural and systemic solutions before technical fixes,

3. We strive to offer solidarity to communities resisting climate and ecological destruction,

4. We aim to provide a welcoming stage for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, faith, class, sexuality and/or ability,

5. We believe that power should be shared equally in a group. This is more effective, sustainable, and empowering for everyone. We do not have leaders or bosses – everyone has an equal say,

6. We are an independent organizing group, that offer a platform for other groups, NGO’s and individuals. We make our own decisions and are independent of local authority, political parties, government, NGO’s, church, business, and any other controlling body,

7. We believe in a learning environment and oppose ideas of perfections. We support each other through the ups and downs and try to make organizing as fun and rewarding as possible

8. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote responsible use of resources. We believe, however, that these efforts are just one small part of the transition towards a better world,

9. We believe we are always learning and are open to listening to critique or suggestions about how to improve. 


In 2019, 40.000 people were on the streets for the Climate March. Shortly after, we had what has since been referred to as the ‘climate election’, and we got our first climate law. One by one, the news papers got climate sections, and ‘climate’ entered the living rooms,  as a dinner table conversation topic that would get people talking. This is a huge success for the climate movement – both for those who have been engaged in this fight for years, but also for the many many people that, during the last few years, have worked to push climate to the center of the political agenda. But what will happen now?

Climate HAS come on the agenda now – everyone from Max Burger to the fossil giant Total want to become carbon neutral. Our prime minister has, according to herself, become wiserand our queen, who, just a few years ago, mocked the climate movement saying “well, you can’t drive from Malmö to Haparanda in a wheelbarrow” is now talking about climate action. But we risk talking about it in the wrong way. We risk falling into traps that look like ‘climate action’, but actually remove focus from the real solutions we need. Climate traps that perpetuate the ongoing destruction of our home. 

While drought is causing famine in Madagascar, desertification is spreading in southern Europe, and the flames are closing in on Athens, the UN is sounding the alarm bells and calling for “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”, including “land, energy, industry, buildings, transport, and cities”. An electric car is not necessarily a problem in itself, but when it is presented as ambitious climate action, then we stray from reality. It is a trap that keeps us from creating the real and necessary changes we need to see.

How do we work towards this? We make climate camps and take collective action together! Next is the 2nd-6th of September 2022!

The climate movement is at a cross road. We have managed to build a movement that works towards a more sustainable and just society. However, it is being derailed at the moment. Instead of calling for more and more climate action, it is now time to challenge what kind of action we want to see. We need to talk about why technological solutions for carbon neutrality, such as power-to-x, at best, will not enough, and at worst, will trap us in a system of destruction. We need to voice why this derailment is happening – why we have a society where the destruction of our home is ignored in favour of short-sighted economic interests. And we need to take action to stop this derailment.

Finally, but not least, we need to talk about the change we want to see: It is the kind of change that is all not about CO2-calculations, speculative technological solutions, and shaming of individual lifestyle choices. It is the kind of change that is not only good for the climate, but can create a society with more time, connection, solidarity, democracy, and respect for each individual. And it is the kind of change where Denmark is not a “leading nation”, but on the contrary is not alone – because million of people all around thew world are already living this change.